Aria 3/9 – W.P.T |The Visual Edition

See more on: WHEREPAINTHRIVES.COM Filmed and directed by Tobias M Kraft, edited by Maria Pia Fanigliulo.

Poster I

Overture 1/9 – W.P.T |The Visual Edition

Overture premieres as the first film in a series of 9 poetry shorts Émigré Publishing and Return of the Muses will release on Mondays and Thursdays the next 5 weeks on WHEREPAINTHRIVES.COM The films visually portray excerpts from Mie Hansson’s poetry collection ‘Where Pain Thrives’, and serves to give the audience an alternative exploration of […]

TEASER|W.P.T |The Visual Edition

The Visual Edition is a series of nine motion pictures; each ‘picture’ an adaptation of a poem. Shot on a Super 8mm camera by Tobias M. Kraft, and edited by Maria Pia Fanigliulo, the film is to be understood as an adaptation of Mie Hansson’s debut poetry collection Where Pain Thrives. The Visual Edition is […]