Sleepless ’14

I am among the new generation of Johnny’s and constitutional psychopaths; poets without a purpose, painters without a vision. In a world divided by prosperity or poverty, war or peace, a world where pre-fabricated art ruled by commercial interests takes the main stage and the rebels, idealists and visionaries are overlooked because it is less […]


The virgin on the verge facing the bathtub feeling a hot steam hugging her face fully dressed, before it her tongue sweeps out a tiny taste of the allure piercing a stare on it painting the rush in mind she could lose a sock stick a toe down there the risk of getting burned there […]

Journal, 29th of July

The thick smoke from cannabis is hanging above our burberry patterned table cloth like an optimistic hammock. We pour more gin, we exchange foreign verses, we relief our vanity, we bet on everything. We mirror in each others madness; birds of a feather flocks together. Time is on no ones side; time follows us like paps and […]