The Florentine Stroll

The night has sunk on these medieval streets. I wander dreamingly through waves of damp and Jasmine . . . In three days, i motion on to Rome, keeping the ball a’roll; There is still page-space available in my little brown book . . . In six days, all clocks will pause. And i will […]

Where can one adopt the last books?

We decided to run a limited, numbered first edition print of 150 copies of my debut poetry book, which published three weeks ago in London on July 24 on my 25th birthday. We could not anticipate in which pace the books would sell, but there is about 20 copies left of the first edition and these can be […]

Aria 3/9 – W.P.T |The Visual Edition

See more on: WHEREPAINTHRIVES.COM Filmed and directed by Tobias M Kraft, edited by Maria Pia Fanigliulo.

Epiphany / Vogue Fabrics ’15

not gonna settle not gonna dwindle i got water in the kettle and you’ve only seen my nipple.