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Full film and ‘på gensyn’

Our #PoetryInMotion picture, Where Pain Thrives – The Visual Edition is now available in its full length on Vimeo in HD. Directed by the German filmmaker, Tobias M Kraft, and edited by Italian filmmaker, Maria Pia Fanigliulo, it is based on my poetry collection by the same name. It has been a fantastic journey, mentally and physically, a vortex of emotional madness, solitude, ecstasy, philosophy, love, and relief, and as we now close one chapter, the pen is gradually inking up, preparing itself to write the next. På gensyn. 

‘Tivoli is Closed’ 7/9 – W.P.T |The Visual Edition


Filmed and directed by Tobias M Kraft, edited by Maria Pia Fanigliulo.

Nymph Sitting On a Divan 6/9 – W.P.T |The Visual Edition


Filmed and directed by Tobias M Kraft, edited by Maria Pia Fanigliulo.

Where can one adopt the last books?


Waterstone's book shop sign



We decided to run a limited, numbered first edition print of 150 copies of my debut poetry book, which published three weeks ago in London on July 24 on my 25th birthday. We could not anticipate in which pace the books would sell, but there is about 20 copies left of the first edition and these can be obtained through Waterstones and Belgravia Books (both ships worldwide), or Dulwich Books in London, or the Abbey Bookshop in Paris.

P.S: The book will be available on Kindle next week. For more info, visit Émigré Publishing.