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W h e r e   P a i n   T h r i v e s

On her mission to understand the symbiotic relationship between joy and pain, this poet made a discovery that would forever change her perception. By neither neglecting nor wallowing in her suffering, but instead investigating its role with an open mind, pain has challenged and channeled her to higher places in life from which the true nature of happiness, love and enlightenment can sprout, and in which a woman on her knees would learn to rise.

Where Pain Thrives is a collection of poems in three chapters by Danish poet Mie Hansson. An invitation into a lone but multifaceted existence of a leashless woman in a globalized world, it is a candid ode to the complex realities of pain, failure, glory and pleasure by a poet who sees every ending birthing new beginnings.


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Late evening, pensively i linger
Beneath the mild-lit chandelier
He says to me, why you are not happy?
I say, boy, you do not understand.
No, but please tell me, he continues,
Why do you feed your sadness fame?
I tell him, beneath the mild-lit chandelier:
Some joys thrive best in pain 

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