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Mie Hansson, born in Denmark in 1990 is a poet, artist and publishing director who is best known for the poetry collection ‘Where Pain Thrives’.

Hansson started her career in 2008 with a personal blog in which she published her earliest writing. At 21, she worked modeling contracts with agencies in Los Angeles, Paris and Beijing and would feature in magazines like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Numéro. Disdaining work as a model, she moved to New York to experiment with life, love and writing, which she says “became the outlet that was gonna help me figure out who I was, why and what it’s all for”.

A couple of years later she relocated to London and moved into a converted warehouse in the artist community of Fountayne Road. She sustained herself through odd jobs, retail work, art consultancy and painting commissions. A year later she established the poetry press, Émigré Publishing and became a member of the Independent Publishers Guild. Her first book of poems, ‘Where Pain Thrives’ was published in 2015 in United Kingdom. Later that year, a film adaptation of her poems, ‘The Visual Edition’, was released.

Hansson’s self-portrait and poem on human fragility, ‘Liberandum’ was exhibited at the Ben Oakley Gallery in London in 2016. A few months later, she performed the poem live at Roll Gate Studios in New York for the opening of ‘In White Castle Pain Thrives’, which she directed in a co-production with Danish artist Maria Nadia.

Her poetry has appeared in literary journals such as ‘Ariadne’s Thread’, ‘Dalston Speaks’ and ‘Miracle Works’. In September 2017, a new paperback edition and audio version of ‘Where Pain Thrives’ will be released to a wider audience.