TEASER|W.P.T |The Visual Edition

by Mie Hansson

The Visual Edition is a series of nine motion pictures; each ‘picture’ an adaptation of a poem. Shot on a Super 8mm camera by Tobias M. Kraft, and edited by Maria Pia Fanigliulo, the film is to be understood as an adaptation of Mie Hansson’s debut poetry collection Where Pain Thrives.

The Visual Edition is not a cinematographic copy of Hansson’s collection. It is an emanation of the surface of the original body of work and as much an object of your readerly perception as Hansson’s hand-bound book.

Listen to the poet
Spit out her soft ‘T’s’ ‘C’s’
As she threads a needle
Up against the train’s pane
Of glass spelling the words
“Emergency Access”
Rolling by an unknown
Landscape within a stip-
pled frame that you Shhhh! Watch

By Liza Weber